Partners with Splunk

Operating with intelligence – DRYiCE iControl partners with Splunk

DRYiCE iControl is delighted to report that it has now become a Splunk Premier partner. Both parties believe the combination of DRYiCE iControl’s Operational Intelligence expertise and methodologies and Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) will create a powerful force in the market.

As the market for advanced IT analytics evolves to deliver value to multiple stakeholders and use cases, the need for consistent context, data-sharing, and visualisation is becoming paramount.

Splunk ITSI transforms machine data into actionable intelligence. It provides cross-silo visibility into the health of services by integrating data across the enterprise and visually mapping services and KPIs to discover new insights, translating operational data into business impact.

Splunk ITSI also fulfils two other key requirements - improved time to value and adaptability to change. The fact is that purely customised monitoring approaches cannot keep up with need for dynamic currency and the growing demand for easily adaptable deployments in which benefits can be realised in days, not months.

With timely, correlated information on services that impact the business, Splunk ITSI unifies data silos, reduces time to resolution, improves service operations and enables service intelligence.

Crispin Page, Head of IT Operations Analytics for Splunk in EMEA said “DRYiCE iControl's Operational Intelligence expertise and methodologies have been proven to drive greater sophistication in Fintech operations analytics. The combination of their consultancy skills and Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) will contribute hugely to the success of the Splunk user and partner community.”

Ian Quine, Head of Sales at DRYiCE iControl added: "DRYiCE iControl has delivered 90-plus high profile Operational Intelligence projects across banking over the last four years covering payments, regulatory compliance, clearing and settlements, finance and other functions. Bringing this knowledge and our five-step methodology to bear in combination with the power of the Splunk platform and particularly Splunk ITSI, will create a very fast time to operational intelligence value for our joint customers.” 

DRYiCE iControl builds on the power of Splunk, using its expertise gained from wide experience within the banking and finance industry. It defines the right business logic for each institution, defining what is critical, so that it can be measured in context to provide indispensable operational intelligence.

Each process is mapped in relation to the underlying technology, before smart metrics (KPIs) are defined. The important KPIs then become a set of service level targets (SLTs). Dashboards are designed and tested and teams trained. Then, DRYiCE iControl’s solution uses the insights obtained from real-time monitoring and analysis of operational performance to develop its predictive capability.

This means all threats are flagged up before they do any damage – and an organisation is already benefiting from real operational intelligence.