Operational intelligence is the business satnav of the future

By Ian Quine, Head of Sales, DRYiCE iControl

In the world of big data and instant transactions, businesses need operational intelligence to ensure they reach their desired destinations. 

Whereas business intelligence is the equivalent of looking in the rear-view mirror and glancing at the odometer to see how far you have come, operational intelligence is the best satellite navigation system available, guiding the journey and immediately flagging up dangers or diversions before you reach them.

The crucial difference with operational intelligence is that it delivers insights in real time, or near-real time, as opposed to the essentially historical reports derived from business intelligence. Those insights are also immediately actionable – so that a business can exploit every opportunity to the maximum and avoid every looming pitfall.

Banks moving to immediate payments systems, or telecommunications companies struggling to keep up with customer expectations all need real-time monitoring and actionable intelligence to see when something threatens key processes. Easier said than done, given the huge volumes of data involved and the demands for fast responsiveness. This is where DRYiCE iControl’s operational intelligence solution excels. 

Using their skill and wide-ranging experience, our operational intelligence experts collaborate with a business to work out what is critical to its operational success, mapping those processes on to even the most tangled IT system.

Targets and thresholds that trigger alerts are then established, with a full understanding of the context, delivering complete, real-time insights into what happens when parts of the system fail or bottlenecks develop. 

This means that when the solution indicates a threat is looming, such as a payment processing slow-down, the right personnel are immediately alerted so they can take action to prevent amber signals going to red.

It takes a combination of insight into the nature of a business and its sector, along with experience and tried-and-tested methodology to produce this kind of transformative operational intelligence.

At DRYiCE iControl, we start building the solution by working with the business to decide the critical deadlines or processes that must be monitored, establishing targets that could include volume, value, speed, time and availability.  

From millions of potential metrics it is possible to settle on perhaps as few as a ten for each process. 

The solution we design is one that can constantly refine its own delivery by adapting the key performance indicators and alerting thresholds as it operates over time.

Operational intelligence does not require demolition of existing systems. Real-time visibility and insight into business and IT operations are achieved by running query analysis against live feeds and event data. It is a solution that sits on top process-monitoring and complements rather than replaces business intelligence, giving a complete and accurate real-time overview.

In the digital world of high volume throughputs, complex processes and regulation such as banking, it is simply indispensable.