Partnership with ITRS

  • DRYiCE iControl's Partnership with ITRS Geneos

    Geneos is core to what we do. The product, from ITRS, is very common in banks and has been used from trading to transaction banking to provide real time technical monitoring. Because of its existing installed base, along with its exceptional ability to get into application to get data, we have designed our offerings to leverage this platform.

    At ITRS, we’ve been creating software that transforms the mass of raw data generated by organisations into meaningful information, enabling our clients to understand the performance of their critical systems and to influence their businesses intelligently.

    With over 18 years’ experience in financial markets, we deliver out-of-the-box solutions that can be customised, ensuring prompt time-to-market and return on investment. We’re proud to provide solutions that over 170 leading global clients, including investment banks, exchanges and trading venues, hedge funds, brokers and data and vendors, use every second of every day, giving them the essential capability they need to take intelligent action.


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