Solution for Dovetail

DRYiCE iControl's iControl monitoring solution for Dovetail

DRYiCE iControl maps the “end to end” business flow across the Dovetail infrastructure and monitors the key Service Level Targets (SLT’s) within it.

DRYiCE iControl’s Image removed.Control monitoring solution for Dovetail provides operations and support teams with:

A true view of the health and performance of the Dovetail environment – it provides the support team with the ability to view the multiple Dovetail components on a single dashboard

An early warning of impending disruption as well as key performance metrics to support operational decision making (email, SMS, open stream)

Payment volumes monitoring and trend analysis : this functionality gives metrics such as:
- Number of payment generated by legal entity/client and their status
- Amount of payments that have been in a default status for a set amount of time within a set time frame

Number of transactions in queues, transactions received in the interfaces against expectation

Real time interfaces: monitor the connectivity for payment and message interfaces. This function gives an overview of how much data goes through each interface in terms of input, output and error and how long it takes to process a task

Payment: event and status handling - monitoring the state of a message (i.e. payment status) over a time interval, highlighting unusual patterns which may have underlying technical causes that require investigation

Manages the processes for recovery from error conditions (breach management), including the allocation of operator resources and resource optimisation

Performance Reporting - incorporating Compliance, Variance and Business Impact information (by Product, Currency, Client classification, Volume/Value, etc.) displaying the data in user definable dashboards

Monitors and measures the actual volumes against expected volumes by maintaining a rolling history and comparing the actual to an average of the previous period

DRYiCE iControl’s Image removed.Control measures the processing steps within the Dovetail platform which facilitates root cause analysis of issues and potential issues, as well systemically predicting the downstream knock-on effects enabling users to take appropriate corrective and communicative action.