Why Us

DRYiCE iControl is a dynamic fast moving company which thrives on successful delivery.
We have put together not just a unique combination of skills, but also the best in the market to do what we do.
We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver, and deliver exceptionally.



We mix years of banking experience with the best technical skills there are. Some of our people have over 20 years experience of working in banks at senior levels. And our Geneos people wrote the product. Combining the two means we can rapidly understand the banking issue, and create an exceptional monitoring and measurement solution.



Over the last two years we have delivered over 30 projects in the banking sector, providing process transparency, platform stability, regulatory compliance and improving client perception across transaction banking, markets and equities, clearing, risk and finance to name a few areas.



We have built up a library of standards to make our work quicker, repeatable and ultimately less risky to do. We have methods for our projects, patterns for monitoring, standards for metric designs - all which mean we can implement quicker and at less risk.



We know how to use the power of Geneos. Its the most common monitoring system across the banking sector and we aim to leverage what is there - reducing license and implementation costs for our clients and ultimately, getting more out of what is already there.


We have a strong set of values we believe in.

We are
highly professional

We keep our promises.
We have integrity – we do the right thing.
We are honest, reliable, don't take short cuts, trustworthy, we inspire confidence.
Expertise in an area - business expert - knowledgeable in what we do both technical and business.

We make
a difference

Applied knowledge to make a difference.
We make it better – quickly.
Optimise operation efficiency.
We deliver value and not product and services.

We are more
than the individual

The client see the individual, but buys the team. No individual is bigger than the team, we work cross team.
Client first, company second, individual third.
We recognise success for all not just one.

We get it

We are inquisitive, we find out the solution, find the answer, and make it happen.
Smart. We break down barriers to get the job done.
We deliver high quality, on time.

We are proud
of what we do

It's not just a job
We stand up for what's right. We stand by what we do. We know it works – now and in the future
Clients like our ideas but buy our people because we believe what we do.


DRYiCE iControl for Investment Banking

Investment banks benefit from our broad range of skills and experience in not just our understanding of monitoring and bank processing, but in our understanding of how to get things done at big, complex organisations. We readily work across organisational boundaries and know who we need to get together to facilitate the right solutions. We find almost all of our banking clients already have Geneos, so we are able to leverage the existing investment, so not only reduce cost and risk, but also the time to market and avoid time consuming processes surrounding new application introduction.

DRYiCE iControl for Hedge Funds

We get things done quickly, a necessary thing for Hedge Funds. Typically they don't have existing monitoring implementations but this is a much smaller barrier than in large investment banks. Implementing software is quick and our knowledge and relationship with ITRS means we can architect and implement a small scale solution quickly and effectively, and our repeatable methodologies means we can get to value with speed.

Contact Us

For new business enquiries we will put you in touch with one of our Directors who will take the time to understand your challenges and explain how DRYiCE iControl may be able to help.

HCL Great Britain Ltd,
6th floor, 70 Gracechurch Street,
London, EC3V 0XL
Email: dryice@hcl.com