DRYiCE iControl is an enterprise ready business process flow monitoring product. iControl provides a comprehensive business process flow monitoring and has been designed to enable business owners to overcome any challenges associated with proactive monitoring business process performance across the enterprise.

iControl is a Splunk Appinspect approved product and is successfully promoted on SplunkBase directory listing. iControl builds on the power of Splunk, using its expertise gained from wide experience within the banking and finance industry.

What we do

We deliver five core services which can be combined for a full process monitoring programme, or delivered individually to support our client's needs

Risk and
Business Flow

Risk - Whole Sale Funding Exposure & Limit Reports

Demo of real-time Operational Intelligence in action

Demo of real-time SEPA Payments in action


Making €18bn of SEPA payments happen each day, every day. We implemented a business monitoring platform to monitor 20mn transactions a day on a total end to end basis, ensuring problems were fixed upstream before they became a down stream problem.


From reactive to proactive - calling your clients before they call you. We defined and monitored the key metrics to give transparency on client connectivity, so this client could know if a client has a problem before they do.


Reducing platform risk. We implemented bottom up comprehensive monitoring on 12 business critical applications in 12 weeks, ensuring platform stability and leaving support teams trained and capable to support the platform better


Ensuring BCBS239 compliance whilst increasing process transparency. We defined and implemented a turn key methodology to define, monitor and measure key control points for BCBS239 compliance


Giving auditors certainty through process understanding. We worked with this client to mine payments processing, define key performance metrics and store in our AI MDB to demonstrate control to the auditors

Our People

Shakir Ladak
Shakir Ladak
Ian Philips
Ian Philips
Richard Kemp
Richard Kemp
Paul Donnelly
Paul Donnelly

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Market Guide for Operations Intelligence Platforms

Latest 'Gartner Market Guide for Operational Intelligence Platforms' . DRYiCE iControl is proud to be on top of the list of representative vendors. Proving that our DRYiCE approach with iControl Product aligns 100% with Gartner's market definition and direction

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